This booklet is a reproduction of the 1798, 1st edition, of A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, a Native of Africa, But resident above sixty years in the United States of AmericaIt is similar to the original in size and spacing, but for the sake of contemporary readability, the 18th-century “long s” (which resembles our “f ”) has been replaced by a modern “s.”  It is set in ITC Founder’s Caslon Thirty and Founder’s Caslon Forty-Two typeface, designed by Justin Howes (the closest modern typeface to the Caslon used in the 1st edition), and printed on Mohawk Via Laid paper (over 30% recycled post-consumer paper manufactured by wind power). A title has been added to the cover, which was blank in the 1st edition.

Readers will note a word at the right-hand bottom of each page. This was common in texts of the period as an aide to introduce the next word on the subsequent page when reading aloud.

© 2016 by Beecher House Center for the Study of Equal Rights and Wilberforce Institute for the study of Slavery and Emancipation Designed and composed by Chandler B. Saint


2nd edition published by the: DOCUMENTING VENTURE SMITH PROJECT, Torrington CT, 2016


                                                                                      currently being reprinted in a 3rd edition

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